Over Knighted


​Eleven year old Jobi Walker was born two days after his father’s death and always regretted never meeting him. Now with the assistance of Meredith, an old woman on his street--who many believe may in fact be a witch-- he might just get his opportunity.

True Measures

​Winnsboro was a great place to live and raise children until hard times hit it like a bomb’s detonation severing families, friends and communities. Hank McAllister must decide if he will stay with his family or leave in search of a secure life for all of them. He soon learns every decision comes with a price

Air Force Kernels

​5 rural Kansas kids go on their grandest adventure of all time when they discover something as good as buried treasure and it possibly could earn them a million dollars.

A Restoration of Order

​Three years earlier Marjorie had escaped death following her car crash in a remote wooded area. Now something is coming for her again, but is it real or a nightmare she can’t wake from? The answer might just kill her.

​​An Unnatural Order

​In nature there is an order. When Marjorie crashes her car in a remote wooded area she unknowingly disturbs that natural order. A young would be rescuer informs her “Something comes for everything.” Has the young man with the cold black eyes “come” for her? And will she live to regret their meeting?

Murphy’s Law states…”Anything that can go wrong— will go wrong.” Unfortunately for Jerald “Jericho” Cohan, he had been living under that very law since his childhood. Now as an adult, he was still struggling to rid himself of the stigma of being a failure.
Things quickly change when he meets the beautiful Abella Milana and is accidentally caught up in a magical curse that takes him to the edge of the world. Will Jericho’s usual misfortune continue to follow him? Or will he somehow find a way to emerge a hero?

When Atticus Cosmos begins to have issues at work, forgetting projects and missing deadlines, his boss demands he take a sabbatical. During his time off he travels back to his birth place of Chios, Greece, where he accidentally discovers something no one else believes exists. Can Atticus prove he is not insane, before the pressure of proving it actually drives him insane?

Below the Acropolis