We live in sunny, hot, and humid Panama City, FL. Living within minutes of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world means we spend a lot of time on or near the water. We spend many weekends in our canoe trying to find a new spot within paddling distance. Someday we may bite the bullet and buy a real boat, but for now we're content with the ease and freedom a canoe offers us. On many of our canoe trips we take snorkel gear and see what we can see, when there's nothing to see or too many sharks around we pull out the fishing gear. In addition to weekend canoe trips we also like to take our bicycles to different bike trails. Our favorite trail is in the tiny town of Blountstown. It's a quiet scenic ride over a nicely maintained paved trail. We also like to hike along some of the same trails we bike on, though once the weather gets too hot, most of our trips are water related.

  Since full time jobs eat up our weekday hours we stay pretty busy and have to squeeze all of our fun into the weekends. In between everything we all manage to fit in writing time. We help each other with reviews, opinions, and pointing out those little mistakes that are missed after you've read your own work for the hundredth time. Our little family also includes a golden retriever (the happy dog in the profile pic), French bulldog, and a mini-horse.  

Williams' Family